Every thing is all right


all is ok

Yeah! When i was thinking to write that, i remembered that is a long time that i dont think, no write and no speak in English. And now is very difficult to express me in this language. Wow! I needed to use a dictionary. But i continue to write, i like that!! n_n.

 Well… the razon of these words is because, the frase “EVERY THING IS ALL RIGHT” is that i want to tell you. My life is different now, maybe beacuse i learned a lot things, everything wasn’t be how you knew the last time. I am not how you met me in this time. There are aspect in my life that you don know.

 Yes, i think in you, i remember you, i imagen your life, i trie to understand how are you now. I suposse that you are different. Because knowing the life around the world changes too many things or aspect in someone’s life. But i should say that i remember you, exactly the same way that when you went. If you ask me ¿why?, i dont kwon, you knew that all in this moment was special for me. I told you, and always i said “thanks”.

 We friendship was totally unexpect, it changed a lot things in me, my thinking, my feelings, my viewpoint, my way, my dreams… and i think that is time to say that “every thing is all rignt”, even if i dont know nothing about you. Some day, maybe we talk about our differents lifes.

 It’s time to see the result of all changes and learning in someone, if i thougth that one time before, something special happens in my life, now i think that i have to go for that, i have to say that i can, i have to demostrate that i dont need to wait for something special. I have around me, all person, situations, things that become me more strongly.

 “i didn’t want to write that with some intention, only are words that come off of me with a interesting song” (sorry for my mistakes in this post)



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